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Самые популярные автомобили проката в Минске

MERCEDES W 221 Long рейстайлинг
35 - 45 руб/час

Мерседес Гелендваген
50 - 60 руб. час

Мерседес Спринтер бизнес класс VIP
от 50 руб/час

Белый Мерседес Гелендваген
50 - 60 руб.час

Новый Мерседес V CLASS 2017
60 - 80 руб час

40 - 60 руб. за час

35-50 руб. час

Lexus LS460 President
35-50 руб. за час

Transport Services напрокат в Минске

We provide transport services:

- rent cat with driver

- passenger transportation by cars, minibusus, coaches

-  transfer and meeting in the airport

- international passenger services

- transfer from airport Minsk 2 to Brest, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Orsha, Pinsk and others

Our car fleet

- Mercedes W221 S-class, Mercedes W222 S-class, Mercede W212 E-class, Mercedes W220 S-class

- miibuses: Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter.

- Coaches: Mercedes, MAN, Neoplan, Volvo, Iveco.

- Limousines: Chrysler, Lincoln, Hummer, Cadillac.

TRANSFER Services between airport Minsk 2 and Belarus cityЦена: from 25 till 100 euro. The cost depends on car and the number of passengers.


               We offer comfort, business and luxury vehicles to rent with or without a chauffeur, transfers, rental by the hour for other events, trips, tourist excursions around Minsk, tours across Belarus, weddings cars and limousines or any other type of service.

Chauffeuer srvice Minsk, rent car MinskЦена:

Quality and reliable car rental services with a driver in Minsk. Experience more than 8 years

the availability of all official documents and types of insurance for passengers

a large car fleet, professional drivers.

Our transport Services:

- rent of cars and minibuses in Minsk and Belarus

- meeting and transfer airport, meet and greet service

- transport and excursion service

- delivery of passengers to any place in Belarus, Russia, Europe

- bus rental from 40 places, coach service

               quality and reliable car rental services with a driver in Minsk. Experience more than 8 years, a large fleet of vehicles, professional drivers.

Transfer to Borisov arena for football games - bus, coach, minivan, carЦена: from 40 euro

In our company you can order delivery of passengers to a football match in Borisov Arena. We provide comfortable transport from carsб minivans to buses for 50 seats, as well as additional services: a guide, excursions, ticket reservation, restaurant booking, transfer to the airport or hotel after the game.


Our tariifs include transfer to Borisov arena - waiting till the end of football - return to Minsk (hotel, apartment, restaurant accoding to your wish):

personal business class car for 3-4 passengers 80 euro

personal representative car for 3-4 passengers 120 euro

Mercedes Viano for 5-7 passengers 120 euro

Mercedes V class for 5-6 passengers 190 euro

Mercedes Sprinter for 7-15 passengers 120 euro

Mercedes Sprinter for 15-20 passengers 140 euro

Coach for 50-53 passengers 230 euro

We garantee high quality services with profesional drivers and well-equipped cars


Additional services to oor clients:

- excursions and tours around Minsk, Belarus

- booking tickets, dinners, restaurants

- transfer from and to National Airport Minsk

               In our company you can order delivery of passengers to a football match in Borisov Arena. We provide comfortable transport from carsб minivans to buses for 50 seats, as well as additional services: a guide, excursions, ticket reservation, restaurant booking, transfer to the airport or hotel after the game.

Belarus Tours and guided excursionsЦена:

Belarus is a small country that surprises, admires the beauty of its nature and warmly welcomes travelers with good traditions, delicious home cooking, etc.

 If you come to Belarus on business matters, for meetings, negotiations, for competitions, do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the history and the present of this part of the planet.


If you are limited in time, we will offer the most optimal excursions and routes:

- sightseeing tour in Minsk (3 hours)

- Dudutki - a place where you will get acquainted with the history of the Belarusian way of life, ancient handicrafts and cooking, here we can organize a tasting, try our handicrafts, and order a delicious dinner from traditional dishes (5-6 hours)

- Stalin's line is a unique place where you can take a dip and see with your own eyes how soldiers fought, shoot from combat weapons and ride in a tank (4-5 hours)

- Peace and Nesvizh - the heritage of which Belarus is proud, after a long time to restore and restore these castles, full of history, unique legends and myths (6-11 hours)

- Khatyn and the Hill of Glory - monuments of war, which constitute an important and most difficult part of the history for the Belarusian people. (4 hours)

All excursions are organized individually on comfortable transport with a capacity of 2 to 50 people and accompanied by a personal certified guide (English, German, French, Chinese).

You can choose the type and class of transport that suits your wishes and budget. In our fleet there are cars from the middle class

If your goal is to get to know Belarus, the spectrum of our excursion offers is much wider.

First of all we will offer you an acquaintance with the unique nature of Belarus, visiting lakes and rivers, for example Braslav, Naroch, Pripyat. In these places you can sate in an authentic farmstead or farm, engage in fishing, hunting, getting to know nature.

For connoisseurs of comfortable rest, we offer luxury estates, in which you can visit the bathhouse, try game, ride a yacht and much more.

You can also go to the Belarusian marshes in search of unique birds and plants.

For tourists who are interested in the history of Jews in Belarus, we will propose, think through, organize a tour of the Jewish places of Belarus: Radun, Vorogovo, Mir, Slonim, Baranovichi, etc., if necessary with departure to Vilnius, Kaunas, Warsaw, Lublin, etc.


If you want to book a tour or a trip, write to us, specifying if possible

- dates of stay in Belarus

- number of people

- what would you like to see

- if you need food, accommodation

- preferences for transport



We are sure to make you a worthy offer for organizing leisure or excursions in Belarus.

               Avtolimo company arrange tour to Belarus by comfortable transport, accommodation professional local guides and the programm of travel through Belarus as you wish.

MERCEDES W 221 Long рейстайлинг

Шикарный Mercedes W 221 Long станет роскошным украшением на Вашем мероприятии. Этот автомобиль подарит Вам комфорт, безопасность. Мощь и элегантность автомобиля сделает Вашу поездку незабываемой!

Мерседес Гелендваген

Прокат Мерседес Гелендваген, аренда мерседес с водителем, (Mercedes Gelandewagen) в минске с водителем

Мерседес Спринтер бизнес класс VIP

Микроавтобус черного цвета бизнес класс для деловых поездок, встреч, делегаций, международных поездок за пределами Беларуси. Вместимость микроавтобуса 19 мест.

Белый Мерседес Гелендваген

Аренда и прокат красивого Мерседес Гелендваген белого цвета с водителем в Минске с выездом в другие города Беларуси.

Новый Мерседес V CLASS 2017

Мерседес V CLASSновый автомобиль 2017 год 6 мест в Минске на прокат. Мерседес v class создан для обслуживания деловых мероприятий, встреч, конференций, переговоров. Мы гарантируем высокий уровень обслуживания наших клиентов профессиональными водителями, соблюдающими дрес код и профессиональное общение с клиентами.




Прокат микроавтобуса Мерседес Спринтер в Минске недорого для деловых поездок по Минску, встреча в аэропорту Минск-2, обслуживание делегаций Минск, транфер Минск-2 гостиница,машина на прокат, прокат свадебных машин, прокат авто на свадьбу.

Lexus LS460 President

Представительский Лексус в кузове лонг и полной комплектацией для деловых мероприятий, свадьбы, трансфера аэропорт.
Наши телефоны: +375 (29) 395-55-16 Velcom; +375 (33) 623-11-11 МТС, +375 (29) 623-11-11 Velcom