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Самые популярные автомобили проката в Минске

MERCEDES 221S class
35 - 50 руб/час

Scania Irizar 52 места
рассчитывается индивидуально

Мерседес Спринтер business
45-50 руб/час

Новый Мерседес V CLASS 2017
60 - 80 руб час

40 - 60 руб. за час

35-50 руб. час

микроавтобус Мерседес Спринтер
35-60 руб. час

Lexus LS460 President
35-50 руб. за час

Belarus jewish Heritage - travelling and individual visits

Lot of individuals tourists come to Belarus to see jewish places, find their roots, visit Jewish Cemeteries and Memorials.

Company AvtoLimo help with organisation of such trips providing transport services, booking accomodation, gides service, planning service etc.

What we provide for jewish tourists:

- airport meeting service from 1 to 50 persons. We meet you with name table by comfortable modern car, minivan, minibus, coach, hep with luggage and get to the hotel, accomodation.

- if you dont know where to stay during your Belarus visit, we will suggest the place and book it.

- we provide professional gide service in russian, belarussian, english, german, french, italian, chinese, turkish languages

- we can make a detailed plan and programm of the belarus travelling from 1 day to 14 days

- perfect transport service of the visit. We have wide car fleet and can propose cars for 1-3 persons, minivans for 4-6 pesons, minibuses and midibuses till 10, 10-15, 15-20 passengers.

Jewish Cemeteries to visit:

The Great Synagogue in Grodno was built in 1902-1905, on the site of a 16th century wooden synagogue. There is a small Jewish museum or permanent exhibit in the building. The synagogue was ruined in 2013. Several other synagogues, transformed for other use, still stand in the town, as well as former Jewish schools, Jewish-owned factories and business premises.

The Jewish cemetery in Lenin, established in 1568, includes rare wooden matzevas, believed to be the only ones in Belarus, Poland and other neighboring countries. In 2012, an expedition of the Virtual Shtetl project of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw arranged basic protection of these grave markers, via  Anton Astapowicz of the Belarussian Association for Monument Preservation.

The Jewish cemetery in Rakov dates back to the 18th century, with the earliest known grave marker that of Beyla daughter of Asher from 1742. The cemetery has been photographed and indexed, with names, photos and other data available online.

 Baroque synagogue in Slonim dating to 1642; one of the oldest and best-preserved in Belarus. The World Monuments Fund made it one of its 10 Jewish heritage preservation priorities in 1995 and carried out some restoration work in the early 2000s. 


The Great Lyubavitsky Synagogue in Vitebsk, built in 1872, is in abandoned and ruinous condition. It stands on Revolution street, near the Marc Chagal Museum. There are long-term plans to reconstruct it, if funds are found.

Jewish Museums

Jewish History and culture is situated 28 V .Khoruzhey Street, Minsk, Belarus,

Opened in 2002, the museum  possesses a collection of photographs, documents, films and artifacts. It has a permanent exhibit and also mounts temporary exhibits and sponsored research projects on specific topics.

Museum of Jewish Resistance in NOVOGRUDOK was opened in 2007, the museum is a memorial exhibition devoted to the Jewish resistance in the area of Novogrudok during the Holocaust.  It is housed in one of the buildings of the vocational school 193 which was used as a barracks for ghetto prisoners during the war. The memorial exhibition includes two rooms with the reconstructed barracks interior and an exhibition with the reconstructed tunnel entrance.


In VITEBSK to visit Marc Chagall Museum and Art center. Opened in 1997, the museum is located in the house, built by Chagall’s father, where the artist spent his early years.

Jewish Places to visit

Minsk, Slonim, Mir, Nesviz, Volozin, Groo, Pinsk, Lenin, Voronovo, Radun, Vitebsk, Baranovichi, Dyatlovo etc


MERCEDES 221S class

Шикарный Mercedes W 221 Long станет роскошным украшением на Вашем мероприятии. Этот автомобиль подарит Вам комфорт, безопасность. Мощь и элегантность автомобиля сделает Вашу поездку незабываемой!

Scania Irizar 52 места

Комфортабельный автобус туристического класса: экскурсии, туры по Беларуси, России. Европе,трансферы и встреча в аэропорту, выезды на соревнования, корпоративы и пр.

Мерседес Спринтер business

Микроавтобус черного цвета бизнес класс для деловых поездок, встреч, делегаций, международных поездок за пределами Беларуси. Вместимость микроавтобуса 19 мест.

Новый Мерседес V CLASS 2017

Мерседес V CLASSновый автомобиль 2017 год 6 мест в Минске на прокат. Мерседес v class создан для обслуживания деловых мероприятий, встреч, конференций, переговоров. Мы гарантируем высокий уровень обслуживания наших клиентов профессиональными водителями, соблюдающими дрес код и профессиональное общение с клиентами.




Прокат микроавтобуса Мерседес Спринтер в Минске недорого для деловых поездок по Минску, встреча в аэропорту Минск-2, обслуживание делегаций Минск, транфер Минск-2 гостиница,машина на прокат, прокат свадебных машин, прокат авто на свадьбу.

микроавтобус Мерседес Спринтер

Аренда и прокат нового белого микроавтобуса 20 мест на свадьбу, для выезда за границу, трансфер аэропорт, поездки по городу.

Lexus LS460 President

Представительский Лексус в кузове лонг и полной комплектацией для деловых мероприятий, свадьбы, трансфера аэропорт.
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